Spencer Jones


Greetings and welcome!

I'm a developer based in Arlington, VA. I like to write clean, tested, well-documented code in both functional and object-oriented contexts. Sometimes I blog about code here.

I work for Solution Street in Herndon, VA, as software consultant by day and contribute to Open Source by night (and weekend).

When I'm not writing code, I like to ride my bicycle, drink coffee, and read. I also have an academic alter-ego.

Have a look around, and say hello if you feel like it.




Check out my Github page to see some of my Open Source projects. Here's a few:

  • Funcatron: A Node framework using functional programming
  • Gun-Mongo: A MongoDB adapter for GunJS
  • Gun-Flint: A framework for building adapters for GunJS

During my time as a developer at Engage, I had the opportunity to work for some amazing clients on great projects. Here are some of the sites I've worked on: